TOP 20 2016 - Master Management International



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  • La formation est, de façon certaine, totalement ou partiellement financée par une entreprise d’accueil (long stage alterné conventionné, contrat d’apprentissage, contrat de professionnalisation).

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Interview de Dr. Bernard TERRANY
Director of Development & International Relations IPAG Business School

Why study International Management ?

In a global world impacted by the revolution of electronic communication, where Business activities are spanning over continents and cultures, Companies are looking for managers, able to take challenges and think beyond readymade solutions. These managers will have to deal with a global and diverse workforce, international influences and understand how to act as socially responsible leaders. Masters in International Management prepare students to deal with the multi-faceted impacts of global environment on Business practices (Finance, Information Technology, HRM, Supply Chain, Organizational Change, Project Management, Innovation) and develop their cross cultural management skills. These competencies will make them a valuable asset for growing Global companies or smaller organizations developing on international markets.