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Griffiths Paul
Master of Science in Banking, Finance and Fintech

EM Normandie

Master of Science in Banking, Finance and Fintech

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  • Durée de la formation : 12 mois
  • Condition d'admission : Bac+3
  • Condition d'admission : Bac+4
  • Condition d'admission : Bac+5
  • Accréditation Membre CGE
  • Accréditation EQUIS
  • Accréditation AACSB
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Le mot de Paul Griffiths

Directeur Programme

Fintech is a word that creates huge anxiety to most senior bankers. Asymmetric regulations enables agile Fintech companies to intrude into the most profitable parts of the banking business, but they restrict the banks’ ability to fight back; and all senior bankers know they need to incorporate cutting edge financial technologies, but they also know that if they pick the wrong one it could be fatal for their business. The Master of Science in Banking, Finance and Fintech is EM Normandie’s response to those challenges.  


The Master of Science in Banking, Finance and Fintech is oriented at opening the best professional opportunities for young graduates. Financial services and technology are two of the most innovative sectors, and our graduates are highly demanded by traditional banks because of their background in technology, and by Fintech companies due to their fundamentals in banking. Every time we present our programme to bankers or technologists they express their awe and confirm its uniqueness. They are also highly impressed by our efforts to slash the barriers between business and academia.


The programme is located at our Oxford campus which is one of the most vibrant locations in terms of professional, cultural, educational and entertainment opportunities that you could aspire to. It is at the heart of the British ‘brain belt’ and has all the advantages of a big city but with the privilege of being able to walk or cycle to the main points of interest.  


All the benefits described above combine to create for our students a superb life and educational experience that will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

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