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MBA International Trade Management


IPAG Business School

MBA International Trade Management

Ce programme était classé N°20 dans cette spécialité l'année dernière.

  • École
  • Formation initiale
  • Durée de la formation : 12 mois
  • Condition d'admission : Bac+4
  • Accréditation Membre CGE
  • Accréditation Eduniversal
  • Accréditation UGEI
  • Accréditation CGE

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This MBA offers a valued opportunity for students and professionals to learn and enrich their knowledge in the fields of business and management in today’s dynamic and competitive world.

This programme, all in English, suits students and professionals who either already possess a general knowledge in business or intend to start and pursue their career in business and management.

This MBA includes two types of modules: Core Modules and Specialisation Modules.

The Core Modules help students to develop their knowledge and understanding in general business and management. The Core Modules include both intensive theory concepts and pragmatic experiences, enriched with a vision of global business practices and strategies.

The Specialisation Modules provide students with detailed education and skills in fields pertaining to business and management interests, priorities, sectors and geographical zones. The modules make use of actual business settings and case studies, with strategies to deal with initiatives and arising issues.

The programme focuses on:

• Mastering knowledge specifically related to international trade concepts and practices

• Developing competence in international import and export domains

• Understanding organisational structures of international firms and businesses

• Providing insights to international marketing strategies

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