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Advanced Master in Innovative and Secure IoT Systems


INSA Toulouse

Advanced Master in Innovative and Secure IoT Systems

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  • Durée de la formation : 12 mois
  • Condition d'admission : Bac+4
  • Condition d'admission : Bac+5
  • Accréditation Membre CGE
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Le mot de Thierry MONTEIL

Responsable du Mastère spécialisé Innovative and Secure IoT Systems

Today, the world is experiencing an exponential development of smart devices with an estimated growth rate between 20% to 30% over the next 10 years. One third of companies have an innovative smart systems project involving connected objects this year. Dealing with these systems requires not only multidisciplinary technical expertise, but also a strong sense of innovation and an awareness of social boundaries.

The transversal, multidisciplinary, advanced Master of Science degree in « Innovative and Secure IoT Systems » (MSIoT) at INSA Toulouse, aims to train engineers or postgraduate students able to innovate, that is to say able to offer, design, produce, distribute and market a "smart system" starting from the component to the business application taking into account the societal aspects.

The course covers the social aspects, innovation techniques (e.g., TRIZ, creativity sessions, etc.), entrepreneurship, physical aspects and the manufacturing of sensors / actuators, fast prototyping in electronics, communication mechanisms and the architecture of the Internet of Things including the analysis and processing of data from these systems with a Cloud connection and Big Data.

The course culminates with an innovative product which allows students to put into practice most of their multidisciplinary skills.


1. Université Paris-Dauphine PSL / INSTN-CEA / MINES ParisTech

Master Management de la Technologie et de l'Innovation (MTI)

2. X - Ecole Polytechnique

Master Projet - Innovation - Conception (PIC)

3. CentraleSupélec

Mastère Spécialisé® Leadership et Projets Innovants (MS LPI)

4. CentraleSupélec

Mastère Spécialisé Innovation & Transformation (MS IT)

5. TBS Business School

MS Management de l'innovation technologique

6. Grenoble Ecole de Management

Mastère Spécialisé Management Technologique et Innovation

7. Arts et Métiers - CESI Ecole d'Ingénieurs

Mastère Spécialisé® Manager de l’Innovation et du Développement d’Activité (en alternance)

8. ESIEE Paris

MS Innovation Technologique et Management de Projet

9. Télécom Paris / Université Paris-Dauphine / Université Paris-Saclay

Master Industries de Réseau et Économie Numérique (IREN)

10. Grenoble Ecole de Management

MSc Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreneurship

11. INSA Toulouse

Advanced Master in Innovative and Secure IoT Systems

12. Université Paris 1 - Panthéon Sorbonne - École de Management de la Sorbonne

Master 2 Innovation et Management des Technologies


MBA Management de projet, innovation et technologie

14. IAE Montpellier

Master 2 Création d'Entreprises Innovantes (CEI) | Management de Projets Innovants (MPI)

15. Université Gustave Eiffel

Master MITIC - Management, Innovation des services et Technologies de l’Information et de la Communication

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