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Global Executive MBA


NEOMA Business School

Global Executive MBA

Ce programme était classé N°8 dans cette spécialité l'année dernière.

  • En hausse
  • École
  • Formation continue
  • Apprentissage ou Alternance
  • Durée de la formation : 15 mois
  • Condition d'admission : Bac+3
  • Condition d'admission : Bac+4
  • Condition d'admission : Bac+5
  • Accréditation Membre CGE
  • Accréditation EQUIS
  • Accréditation AACSB
  • Accréditation Eduniversal
  • Accréditation CGE
  • Accréditation AMBA
  • Accréditation RNCP Niveau 7

Le mot de Olivier LEFAIVRE

Directeur de la Business Unit Global Executive MBA

Tomorrow’s leaders need to anticipate and respond to multiple technological, societal and behavioural disruptions. In addition to being high-performing individuals, they are asked to be increasingly respectful of the aspirations of numerous stakeholders: customers, employees, business partners and, not least, society at large. They have to be continually creative in strategic and operational decisions, either in existing corporations or in their entrepreneurial endeavours.

The ambitions of the programme, and the associated learning objectives are therefore three-fold: be bold and innovate, change your mindset and create value.

The pedagogical approach balances conceptual learnings and practical, field-oriented experiences. It integrates advanced digital learning opportunities and collective, as well as face-to-face, interactions between faculty, business experts and students, and among students. It stimulates both hard and soft skills, the latter being indispensable for amplifying that human touch that may in the future make all the difference.

The global dimension, besides being greatly instilled in all the teaching, is magnified by our two international learning experiences. They take place in New York (USA) and Accra (Ghana). Each one focusses on a clear learning objective, and interaction with local stakeholders is of utmost importance.These International Learning experiences are opportunities for participants to change perspective and benefit from both a professional and human learning experience, to open up their careers to new international outlooks and to acquire the keys and codes of a global leader or a global entrepreneur.

Moreover, you benefit from continuous personal and professional development guidance throughout the length of your programme. A « Resilient
Leadership » course is strengthening the interpersonal leadership of each participant.

You will also be assisted and stimulated in building your Capstone project, which is the cornerstone of the Global Executive MBA and includes a Business Plan which shall contribute to the betterment of society.

Finally, the program has a strong regional anchorage and capitalizes on territorial synergies in Normandy and Champagne regions.

At the end of your programme, we have no doubt that you’ll be greatly equipped for a successful future, both as a leader and as a societally-responsible manager.



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