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SCOTTO Marie-José
MBA Strategic Human Resource Management

IPAG Business School

MBA Strategic Human Resource Management

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  • Formation initiale
  • Stage obligatoire
  • Formation dispensée en Full Time
  • Durée de la formation : 12 mois
  • Condition d'admission : Bac+4
  • Condition d'admission : Bac+5
  • Accréditation Membre CGE
  • Accréditation AACSB
  • Accréditation Eduniversal
  • Accréditation UGEI
  • Accréditation CGE

Le mot de SCOTTO Marie-José


An exciting opportunity exists to study in France and in New York to obtain 2 state-accredited Masters degrees.

IPAG Business School and the College of Staten Island – a City University of New York, offer a programme in Business Management.  Students study at IPAG Nice campus during semester 1, followed by semester 2 in New York.  An optional internship is possible during semester 3 whilst completing the dissertation.

This programme is taught entirely in English and focusses on Business Management, in particular leadership skills in an international environment.  Course subjects develop the operational skills required for Business and Management but also the soft skills required to be effective in an international environment.

Graduates from a wide spectrum of business programmes are eligible as well as graduates form other disciplines with a GMAT score.

Dr, Marie-José SCOTTO,

Head of the MBA in Strategic Human Resource Management

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